How to start an online business in 48 hours
How to start an online business in 48 hours
August 16, 2020
How to Start a Blog 2020: Step by Step Blog Setup for Beginners (2020)
How to Start a Blog in 2020
August 26, 2020

Best online businesses to start in 2020

Best online businesses to start in 2020

Best online businesses to start in 2020

Best online business to start for beginners in 2020, with no money. Hey if you’re reading this you’re, probably considering starting an online business.

It’s a great thing to do as an online business gives you financial freedom, can you imagine that?

Sitting on the beach with your laptop looking at the blue sea thinking life cannot get any better than this.

Now I’m actually going to show you some of the online businesses you can start an online business and how you can do it.

So let’s start talking about these businesses that we can start online now in 2020. Number one, and I enjoy this one is selling courses online. Selling courses online is really the business of the future.

Think about this as an online business as you can do the work once, for example one PDF can be downloaded thousands of times constantly making you money.

You can sell your courses on places like Click Bank, You can sell them on Skill share,. You can also put your course on something like Udemy.

But the point is: there’s a lot of places to do this and the reason is that thousands of people are buying courses online. You should be selling them.

The next online business you can do and this one is one of the kings of the internet is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing more than marketing a product or service of somebody else’s. You are then compensated with a commission when you make a sale.

Online business number three is Etsy: Etsy is a craft in handmade design type web site. Now here’s the cool thing about Etsy. Let’s say you want to do print on demand T-shirts. You could actually list all your T-shirts on Etsy

Online Business Traffic

The cool thing about Etsy is that they’re going to bring traffic and parties are going they’re trying to find original form components.

If you come up with a few good notions, a coffee, mug T-shirt, hats or whatever or if you actually sell handmade things on Etsy, you can make a lot of money. The bonus is they drive all the traffic for you. So all you have to do is worry about coming up with the products.

Number four as an online business is Shopify. You can put up a simple store, add open any hours and you can be in business selling anything there. out And the cool thing is: if you have a Shopify store, it’s your store.

Something like that seems neat. They drive traffic for you, but you don’t own the customer. The patron Etsy owns the customer, when you have a Shopify store, you own, “the consumers. “.

You can build it email listing of these people and you can go back and marketplace to them later on Number five is a social media consultant

Now that sounds like a pretty fancy title, but the facts of the case is: there’s a lot of people out there, young people out there that know social media really well.

They know how to build an audience. They can take those same abilities and approaching ventures, whether it’s a dentist’s office, whether it’s a eatery, whether it’s a nail salon and they can charge fifteen hundred dollars a month to post on social media.

Different Niches

If you know social media already this would be a great online business avenue for you. All you have to do is approach some of these businesses and say hey for a few weeks I’ll post for you on your social media and if you get any results why don’t you hire me? So be prepared to do the work for free at first.

How many of those does it to be undertaken to make some money? I know some people are getting paid twenty five hundred dollars per business.

How many of those online businesses do you need to make a good living?

Can You Do YouTube?

Number six, in the list of businesses to start in 2020 is a YouTube channel, you can turn this into a profitably online business. You make videos that simply interest you and an audience but pick a specific niche. There are several people I follow on YouTube and on YouTube there are several ways to make money.

You can have affiliate links below your video, you can get paid for ads on your videos when you get to a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in 12 months,

At number seven and the last online business with freelance writing. If you an experienced writer, you could consider starting a freelance writing business.

Business proprietors often compensate novelists to create unique content for their website.

Starting as a freelance writer with an online business involves choosing a niche or two. Then becoming an expert in that topic and creating an online portfolio for future clients to see.

Freelancers have to prove their ability before hand, reliable and high produce high quality articles.

One method to jumpstart your freelance writing career without any purchasers is by establishing your own blog.

However, once your online business website is complete with a well rated portfolio and you’re confident in your writing niche.

You are ready to take on your first client.

It may take months of working for free or small payments, but once you’ve become established and have trustworthy testimonials. You can negotiate a higher rate for your services.

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