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August 6, 2020
How to start an online business in 48 hours
How to start an online business in 48 hours
August 16, 2020

How Do You Start Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing For Beginners

Internet Marketing For Beginners

As a beginner online you ask how do you start i internet marketing of course it can be daunting at first. What exactly does internet marketing mean? Internet marketing is practically synonymous with affiliate marketing.

This is the process of selling products made by other people in order to earn a commission but look, internet marketing can be more than that too of course.

Internet Marketing For Beginners - How Do You Start Internet Marketing?
How Do You Start Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing Building

Internet marketing can mean building a website or a blog building a massive audience for that platform and then making money from adverts Google Adsense for instance.

Or selling your own products internet marketing might mean selling a digital product such as an e-book or an online course internet marketing might mean selling something physical internet marketing.

This may mean promoting a website as the end in itself simply building a channel so that you can spread the word about something that’s important to you or so that you can try to promote yourself.

Making more sales any small business should be interested in marketing themselves online the fact of the matter is internet marketing means getting the word out on the web.

Creating brilliant content and if you can do either or both of those things then you can make the web work for you once you do that then pretty much anything is possible literally.

The ability to work online is pretty much the wildest dreams of most people the whether that means earning a passive income and travelling the world or whether it means growing a massive business or working on projects that you were truly passionate about and getting paid for it.

The only problem is that very few people have any idea what makes a web tick people tell me they want to start their own business selling crafts or they tell me that they want to start blogging for fun. However they have zero clue what that entails.

Online Marketing SEO

So the question is what is SEO? What is marketing? if you were sitting there smugly thinking that you already know the basics of internet marketing then time for a reality check.

Because even if you know the basics of online marketing there’s a good chance that you don’t have all of the advanced skills you need to succeed online.

The best way to start is to ask, who is your ideal customer? If your answer is anybody there, who breathes anybody’s got a heartbeat, you’ve got a problem.

Who are they? Are they men? Are they women

What age group?

Different kinds of professions?

Their work status.

And their pain points?

In internet marketing it’s vital you know the answer to these questions.

Once you can do that, then you will know where you can get your traffic.

The question earlier to what is SEO search engine optimisation SEO? It simply means optimizing a website an article or both for the search engines.

The fact of the matter is that Google pretty much runs the world wide web if someone wants to find information if someone wants entertainment

However, if someone wants anything on the web they will probably start by checking Google.

Then they do a search for that thing they want let’s say they want to buy hat they’ll probably search for buy hats online.

If you were at the top of those results then you’ll make lots of sales.

If you aren’t then you probably won’t fuss what Google says goes thus Google is king and thus the world needs SEO.

This is how you go about building content and designing a page in such a way that it will be guaranteed to show up at the top of a specific search.

Keyword Search

You type in a keyword or phrase that you want to use the phrase that you think people are searching for when they’re looking for content or information like yours.

Once you’ve identified that you can then begin to use that key phrase in your content, the way Google works is by using programs called BOTS or spiders.

These trawl the web and automatically index pages in a massive database for Google.

When someone searches for something Google checks the database and looks for the most relevant content. However in the old days of internet marketing it used to a lot easier as people would simply lace their content with as many repetitions of the key phrase as possible.

This way Google spiders could see that the content you wrote and the phrase that person searched for were related.

This way you would show up at the top of the searches.

Changing the System

The more times you repeated the phrase the better your chances of appearing at the top of the searches.

However problem was that this made the web incredibly easy to manipulate and it led to people using the system

Then putting out low quality content this led to Google changing the system so we can’t just sprinkle keywords everywhere.

So how can you earn money online through internet marketing? Well if you’re a good writer then you can simply create a website.

You then get lots of people to look at it and then promote your writing service for X amount for 100 words.

Likewise for web design photography video editing proofreading the options are endless.

This is just another way you can get pretty much any job you like by having the skill and knowing how to navigate the web.

Affiliate marketing means that you were selling products other than your own.

These products are things that another creator has built. Often things like ebooks you are given a link called an affiliate URL.

Market the Links

You then promote this link through marketing and anyone who clicks on it.

After this you’ll be taken to the product page via another website that intermediary website.

It will leave a cookie on the user’s computer. It will then send them on allowing the store to recognise that you sent them.

Now if they buy the product you get a fraction of the purchase this is often much higher than the amount of money you would get from an advert.

This can range from a few percent in the case of Amazon products to 50 70 or even ninety percent.

Now why would a creator be willing to give away so much of their income?

We’ll look at it this way, they are already selling the product themselves.

So any sales you make will not take away from those sales.

Another benefit of internet marketing.

Therefore, any additional sales that their affiliates partners make will simply mean more income for them.

The more generous they are with their commissions, the more affiliate marketers they will be able to attract.

Eventually this can lead to them having a legion of internet marketers all promoting products on their behalf.

In some cases these marketers might not help them to make sales.

They’ll still be giving them free exposure and improving their brand awareness.

Run Marketing Campaigns

So the sellers have a lot to gain this way and so do you.

A lot of money is to be made through internet marketing.

If you can do all that then you stand to earn a lot of money for yourself.

By promoting products and services.

At the same time you’ll also be highly valuable to businesses that need someone to run their marketing campaigns.

You can help them reach a wide audience.

Good internet marketing means not only getting as many viewers on your website as possible.

But also making sure that those viewers are truly engaged and that they’re fans of what you do.

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