July 1, 2020
What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

It goes without saying that you should join a good, reputable affiliate marketing program. This will give you the ability to source for the best products […]
June 26, 2020
3 Affiliate Marketing Tools

You Need These 3 Affiliate Marketing Tools

The 3 affiliate marketing tools that every affiliate marketer will need will be their own domain name, paid hosting and an autoresponder. These are the crucial […]
June 21, 2020
Autoresponder with Affiliate Marketing

Autoresponder with Affiliate Marketing

Saying that not having an autoresponder will hurt your affiliate marketing campaign would be an understatement. The truth of the matter is that without an autoresponder […]
June 17, 2020
Do you know this about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing What Is The Truth?

People ask the question affiliate marketing what is the truth? The fact that is 90% of affiliates will actually make less than 100$ month.  Therefore, you […]
June 13, 2020
Choosing the right niche for your affiliate marketing campaigns

Which Is the Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing

There is absolutely no doubt that finding the right niche for affiliate marketing can make or break your affiliate marketing dream. There are millions of niches […]
June 10, 2020
3 types of people involved with Affiliate Marketing

3 People Involved With Affiliate Marketing…

When you start affiliate marketing, it’s there are 3 types of people involved with affiliate marketing… Knowing who they are is very important because you need […]
June 6, 2020
stratergies 1 - You Must Apply These Affiliate Marketing Strategies...

You Must Apply These Affiliate Marketing Strategies…

There are affiliate marketing strategies which you must apply and tactics employed by many successful affiliate marketers to scale up their sales and commissions. Affiliate Marketing […]
June 3, 2020
physical digital - Digital or Physical Products You Decide?

Digital or Physical Products You Decide?

Digital or Physical Products? You Decide? This is a very common question that thousands of beginners to affiliate marketing scratch their heads over. What type of […]

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Affiliate Marketing Done Badly

Affiliate Marketing the process which involves marketing a product and for a vendor and you taking a commission on which you have agreed on. Sounds easy right?……….

Well no. Not if you did how I used to putting squeeze on Facebook groups similar to this:

Now I’m not saying that this isn’t possible, but unfortunately Facebook groups tend to be full of freebie seekers who are only interested in getting something for nothing.

Then you will always find someone who reports you to Facebook for spamming, which in then leads to a ban.

You learn quickly that it’s not a simple case of putting a squeeze/landing page on social media and hope for the money to come rolling in you out sadly, this will not happen….

However this is not the first harsh lesson I learnt oh there’s many lessons learned though it’s all good experience looking back, I built a weight loss training site and went to someone on fiverr thinking I could just post my link and get traffic…….however!

Little did I know that 99% have zero interest in anything like that, they just have links sent to them but take no action similar to solo ads.

I also tried drop shipping by buying a ready made site of fiverr (again) it came with free hosting and it was a website which sold baby clothes and of course problems arose from this….

  • Free hosting website wouldn’t load (free hosting a MASSIVE no no)
  • We ordered the clothing ourselves the quality was very poor
  • The delivery took approximately six weeks
  • Why would anyone buy it? You could go to any budget shop and buy better quality and have it straight away. After a few mistakes it can easily become very demoralising when you first start affiliate marketing but you have to remember this is part of the learning process if you learn from them you will be all the better for it.