What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 1)

What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?
What Are Affiliate Marketing Programs?
July 1, 2020
What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 2)
What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 2)
July 8, 2020

What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 1)

What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 1)

What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 1)

Most beginners look upon the super affiliates in awe. So what is a super affiliate? A super affiliate are the ones making 5 and 6 figure sums that seem to be in another league it’s as if they are walking on imported air. The beginner who is just starting out may feel intimidated.

super affiliate 1 - What is a Super Affiliate? (Part 1)
What is a Super Affiliate?

Super Affiliate Dream

How will I even catch up with them? They must be way smarter than me? They’re earning 5 figures a month and I can barely earn 5 cents!

The dream is to be like them… but reality is telling you that you never will. So what do you do?

The first thing you do is to stop comparing yourself to them. If you’re busier worrying about them, you’re not focusing on you… and right now you need to work on you.

Every super affiliate was once a beginner who probably didn’t know a domain from a donut. They worked long and hard to build the skill sets and strategies required to take them to the level they are at. This is a learning process.

Your first goal will be to learn all that you can… but your learning must be focused. This is a pitfall to most beginners. They try to be a Jack of all trades and end up a master of none.

Since you want to be an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to know how to source for products, pick a profitable niche, set up a landing page, build a list, build a relationship with that list, drive traffic, etc.

Skills To Learn

There are many skills to learn and you must focus on these. These are the skills you need. Do not suddenly run off and try to learn how to sell on eBay or decide to write books for Kindle. These are unrelated to what you’re trying to do as an affiliate marketer and trying to become a super affiliate.

These will sidetrack you. Time is limited and you must focus on one art. One of the best ones to choose is affiliate marketing… and yes, it is an art. A very profitable one too.

A rough guide of the process looks like this.

  • Learn to pick a profitable niche. This will make or break you
  • Do keyword research and find the best keywords that you can compete for
  • Target the long tail keywords
  • Set up a website with a landing page to capture email addresses
  • Drive traffic to your landing page with a few traffic generation methods
  • Build a sales funnel so that after opting in, the subscriber is taken to an offer
  • Have a sequence of emails to offer value, build trust and promote offers
  • This is the process simplified. It may look simple… but it is not easy!Almost every super affiliate started off with this model and made tweaks along the way to boost their profits. As long as you follow this model, you won’t go wrong.

The devil is in the details. Only by testing and making adjustments to your process will you discover what works… and once you know what works, it’s just a matter of replicating and scaling the process.

Keep Persisting

This will take time, but with time, your profits will snowball and your commissions will start to hit the 4 figure and 5 figure marks. Keep persisting in your efforts and you will hit the 6 figure mark too and become a super affiliate in no time.

It may seem like there is a lot to learn… and there is. You need to take things one step at a time. If you need to learn how to pick a niche, spend enough time learning how to pick a niche so that you’re an expert at it.

Every step has to be executed successfully for your campaign to yield success. One slip up in the process can sabotage most efforts. So, you will need to learn each step in detail.

We’ll discuss how you can do that in Part 2…

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