To succeed at affiliate marketing you must understand it.
To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing You Must Understand It
May 24, 2020
Succeeding in affiliate marketing
Suссееdіng In Affiliate Marketing…
May 30, 2020

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Truth part

Let’s look at this thing called affiliate market.  We will see the truth behind affiliate marketing. Forget the pictures of mansions, fast cars, yachts, guys sitting in their pyjamas, cocktails and beaches, etc.

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What is affiliate marketing?

We will go behind the facade to look at the real truth about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Hype

The internet marketing industry is awash with hype and illusions. It is no wonder so many beginners enter the industry with excitement and quit in disappointment. They leave with a sour taste in their mouth when they realise that instead of making money, they have racked up massive bills on their credit cards buying rubbish products.

This is an inevitable process and most marketers go through it. The smarter ones come to their senses and wake up. They then make changes to their strategy and go on to make money. The majority never learn from their mistakes until they quit… and even then they don’t.

Now we shall look at the hard truths about affiliate marketing.

  1. It is not easy and it will NOT happen in a day.

You may often see headlines that sound like this, “Former Construction Worker Made $45,231 in 2 Weeks Easily With This Secret Traffic Loophole!”

The beginner marketer immediately gets hooked. Really? You can really make 45k easily in 2 weeks? Wow! I need to get this

No, you don’t.

If the construction worker really made 45k, he wouldn’t be telling you his secret or selling it for $27. He is making money selling you the product. This is one of the downsides of affiliate marketing.

This is the most important truth of all. It is NOT easy. You will have to learn a lot and take massive action before you start generating any reasonable income online. You will need to learn traffic generation, how to do keyword research, build websites, choose affiliate products and on and on and on.

It cannot be done in a few days. You’re looking at a few months of hard work… sometimes affiliate marketing takes years before you hit the 5 figure monthly income. Understand that it takes time and effort.

2. You MUST sell!

Intertwined with the earlier point is another point that most beginners NEVER pick up on even though it is staring them in the face. This point must be tattooed in your brain so you never forget it.

You will only make money when you sell. This is so simple but so POWERFUL! You will only make money selling stuff. Buying all the make money online systems in the world will not put a penny in your pocket. You only earn when you sell.

This applies to product creators and affiliates alike. You only make a commission when there is a sale. So, stop buying other people’s products and use your money to build your own affiliate marketing business. The money saved can be used to outsource some of your work or you could use it for paid traffic, etc.

Of course, there are certain things that you must spend money on such as a domain name, hosting, autoresponders, keyword research tools, etc. However, these are investments. They will help in your business.

3. It always comes in trickles

Many beginners who struggle for months finally start seeing an odd sale or two every now and then. On some days they may make two sales… and for another 8 days they may not make a single sale.

Instead of celebrating these small victories, they feel like their efforts have pathetic results. They are expecting 100 dollar days and 4 figure or 5 figure pay days. The occasional sale or two is paltry to them.

So what do they do? They say affiliate marketing is not worth the effort and QUIT!

This is one of the biggest mistakes most of them make. They quit just when the tide is about to turn. Most super affiliates started off affiliate marketing with the small measly occasional sales. The reason they are super affiliates now is because these small victories motivated them to take more action.

It’s a mindset thing. They did more, tweaked their strategies, replicated what was working and discarded what wasn’t and slowly but surely fine tuned their affiliate marketing business. The more they did, the more sales start coming in.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Once the commissions start coming in, they will keep coming in. For that to happen, you must not throw in the towel too fast. It’s a fight and you must stay in it till the end. That’s what winning at the affiliate marketing game is all about.

In Part 2, we’ll look at more truths that no one is telling you about.

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